Science Vision

As a STEM school science is a key part of the teaching at Evendons and is interwoven through the curriculum on a day-to-day basis. We recognise that in an increasingly scientific and technological age children need to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes to better prepare them for modern life.

Young children are naturally curious and passionate about learning. At Evendons we provide a stimulating science curriculum that nurtures children’s natural curiosity and their on-going intellectual development. Through a hands-on, enquiry-based curriculum, children will experience the joy of having wonderful ideas, exploration and investigation.

At Evendons, there is a whole school ethos of understanding and caring for the world around us and an understanding of our responsibility towards both the immediate and wider environment and community. This underpins the philosophy of the school and permeates everyday teaching and learning

Science Intent 

Our Intent of Science at Evendons is to develop the children’s scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through hands-on and real life experiences. We want the children to develop an understanding of the nature, processes and methods of science through different types of science enquiries that help them to answer scientific questions about the world around them. We want our Evendons children to be equipped with the scientific skills required to understand the uses and implications of science, today and for the future. We understand that it is important for lessons to have a skills-based focus, and that the knowledge can be taught through this. Please see our Whole School Science Overview below.

Science Implementation

Real-life experiences are a fundamental part of our approach and members of the community are regularly invited in to share their experience and expertise. This is demonstrated through our popular and interactive STEM day, which we host every year, inviting different schools and expertise from our local area.

Whole School Science Overview

Impact of Science at Evendons

Children leave Evendons confident in conducting and investigating their own scientific enquiries. This is evident by the feedback we have received from previous students. For example, a previous student has fundraised herself to travel to Thailand and complete restorative work on coral reefs.

Children are taught from KS1 the importance of scientific skills and how they can be transferred into different curriculum areas. In KS2, children are given various opportunities to apply their learning. For example, in Year 6 they build their own go-karts and race them at Goodwood. This incorporates their learning of electricity from Years 4 and 6.

Additionally, Year 4 children take part in a 3M competition each year. During this competition, the children demonstrate their understanding of forces including friction and gravity. The children did so well that they won the competition in 2017 and 2022!



The winners of the 3M competition 2022!



Children have been taught the scientific knowledge and vocabulary needed at each stage of their science learning. Children are able to retain the knowledge they have learned. For example, 90% of Evendons students are achieving the expected level or above in science.

At the Evendons, the science curriculum and assessment format are inclusive. This allows SEN children to flourish in our science lessons and an interest in science is nurtured. For example, one child said ‘I like doing experiments because we can answer our own questions’.

Children are invited to take part in our science clubs. Children are able to have hands-on experiences investigating different areas of science. For one of the science clubs, children are able to complete the CREST award scheme. This means, they are awarded with a recognised scientific award. Children may then take this award further once they move to secondary school.

KS2 CREST award investigations.

At Evendons, children get the opportunity to learn and apply their science in different situations. Children are offered to attend a multitude of scientific trips throughout their years at Evendons. For example, Year 5 travel to the Jurassic coast as part of their residential trip. During this trip, they search for real fossils which was part of their Year 3 science learning. Additionally, we make cross curricular links. A visit to Gilbert White’s allows the children to mix science with history as they explore a naturalist’s historic home.

Children hunting for fossils along the Jurassic coast.

We encourage and appreciate parent support in our science teaching. We use our contacts to invite people from different scientific fields into school. This gives children the opportunity to see real life scientists and explore different scientific professions. For example, we have had a visit from a rocket scientist/engineer who built parts that went into space with rockets and satellites. Visits from people in the field inspire Evendons children to follow a scientific career path.

By Helen Brewis – Evendons Science Lead