Emergency and Partial School Closure

Emergency School Closure at short notice

In the event of extremely bad weather the decision to close the school will be taken after great care and consideration. We will only close the school if it is absolutely necessary.


All reasonable steps will be taken to notify parents in advance. Where there is some doubt about the situation for the next working day, the school will usually issue a warning message to parents and ask them to listen to radio broadcasts, check the school website and look out for emails/text messages from the school.

Details of any school closure will be posted on the school website https://www.evendons-primary.co.uk/ and text messages will be sent to contacts 1 and 2 from Arbor. 

Details will also be posted on the school Facebook and Twitter account pages. Parents will be asked to post the message on the parents Facebook and PTA Facebook pages.

If the school has to close during the day, parents/carers will be informed by text and email; class lists will be issued so it can be logged who is collected, when they are collected and by who. Any children not collected will be kept altogether and parents/carers will be telephoned.

Once a decision to close is taken, the School will contact local radio stations.

BBC Berkshire

Heart FM

Reading 107

Covid 19, Partial Closure – Remote Learning

At Evendons Primary School, we strongly believe that a balanced and high-quality curricular provision should be available to all pupils, including during temporary school closures. In the event of a school closure of any duration, Evendons will offer immediate remote education to families with continuation of the high standards of learning that characterise the normal school day.

This information is intended to provide clarity and transparency to pupils and families about the provision, access arrangements and expectations for remote education.

EPS Remote Learning Provision 2021

EPS Education Continuity Plan