Religious Education

Religious Education Vision

Across the school we aim to develop children’s skills of enquiry, reasoned argument and reflection. We are a multi-faith school and offer a rich and varied curriculum to reflect this.

Children are taught about a range of religions and learn to respect and ask questions about different religions, traditions and cultures around the world. Across the school year we aim to make R.E relevant by studying and celebrating real events, from holding a whole school Diwali day, learning about various aspects of the Hindi culture to celebrate with our community in this special occasion to looking at Saints days in assemblies or exploring real artefacts from a focussed religion during lessons.

We believe children learn best from real experiences in order to capture their imaginations and encourage curiosity. We try to enhance our curriculum in many ways to ensure this is how children learn and respect different religions. The whole school ethos is to encourage children enquire and ask questions in order to impact on their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. During religious education lessons, children are challenged to push themselves to think outside of their comfort zones and explore their skills, beliefs and ideas; asking questions at all times whilst experiencing practical lessons.

Children are taught to think about their own school and personal values and to understand how people of different backgrounds or beliefs may share similar values whilst differing in other values. Questions are constantly being asked of children whilst allowing them to ask their own questions in order to develop their critical thinking, self-belief and self-confidence. Children exhibit their religious education in many ways, from dance, creativity, writing and role-play in order to fully immerse children in understanding of a topic.

The Pan Berkshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education

Religious Education in Wokingham