Geography Vision

At Evendons, we aim to develop and broaden the childrens’ geographical knowledge and skills. Through enquiry based learning, children will explore the ever changing physical and human elements of our world. They will also study the contribution of  a range of geographers from different cultures. We will instil in them a responsibility and understanding of human impact, both positive and negative and wish that they leave Evendons as eco-minded citizens with a strong awareness of their role in future geographical change.


 Through practical fieldwork and cross curricular teaching methods, using primary and secondary sources of evidence, we aim to make geographical study relevant, practical and informative; allowing children to increase and build on their awareness and appreciation of the diverse physical and human elements of their world. A thematic curriculum continues to build on concepts learnt, engaging children and allowing them to make connections within their learning. In a language rich curriculum, children are introduced to, and expected to use, the correct and appropriate geographical vocabulary for their stage of development. Our commitment to learning outside the classroom can be seen through the educational visits across the school, highlighting the practical nature of this subject. Our strong school eco-values are mirrored in the geographical teaching, with the intent that children gain ownership over decision making for sustainable change and improvement in a community context.

by Holly Wright

Evendons Geography Lead