Evendons Primary School follows the National Curriculum and enhances it by having a particular focus on STEM.

We focus on academic excellence in English and STEM subjects, whilst encouraging creativity in the arts and camaraderie in sport and nurturing respect for others and the environment. The school adopts a holistic approach to ensure the personal and social, as well as academic development of each child.

While the emphasis is on reading, writing, speaking, listening and mathematics, we offer the best of the National Curriculum and more, with thematic project work helping to bring learning to life, by putting it into a broader context. English, maths, science, technology, engineering and ICT are viewed as key skills running through the whole curriculum, using enterprise skills where possible.

The school adopts a thematic approach to teaching across all subject areas, where possible. It looks to dedicate mornings to the English and maths subjects, ensuring the relevant theme is woven throughout the school day. Common themes are extended to broader curriculum activities in the afternoons, embracing the local community with workshops, for example with businesses and the emergency services.

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