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Evendons Primary School is a unique and vibrant learning environment where academic excellence in English, music and STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) subjects partner with passion and creativity.

The core thread running through the curriculum are our values, and the curriculum drives all aspects of the school, ensuring all children thrive and find meaning and fulfilment in their school life.

Evendons delivers a broad curriculum which is enriched by learning experiences and engagement with the local community. We believe in experiential learning, where children “learn by doing” and by reflecting on their experiences.

Contextualising children’s learning is key, so that they learn from real life and foster a spirit of inquiry and purpose – situating learning, making it challenging, memorable and purposeful.

Every child is an individual. Our role is to nurture pupils’ potential through a personalised approach to learning. Evendons children are happy, independent, confident all-rounders. We don’t just teach, we want our pupils to have a passion to learn. Our focus is on all pupils, regardless of background or academic ability, focusing on pupils with Special Educational Needs as well as those who are more able.

STEM focus

The school was set up as STEM school because Wokingham is in the heart of the UK Silicon Valley, viewed as one of the most economically vibrant and well connected communities in the UK. The Silicon Valley is home to some of the world’s most successful global brands such as; Microsoft, Oracle, Vodafone, Deloitte, Adobe, Sisco, 3M and Pepsi. Wokingham is an economically prospreous region with many families moving to the area for careers in STEM.

The Evendons Thematic Curriculum

The Evendons thematic curriculum was written by the teachers to promote high quality learning through engaging History, Geography and Science themes. It is sequenced to provide a clear framework of progression in knowledge and procedural knowledge to equip children for the next stage of their education. The themes are tailored to the children in our local community and the visions and values of the school. We believe this helps them make deeper connections with their work, develop their love of learn and create execeptional learners and thinkers.  For example History is set out chronologically and Geography builds from focusing on the school grounds and local area, Wokingham and Reading.

We find that using the thematic approach, improves the quality of teaching and learning in many ways:

  • Thematic planning seeks to view teaching and learning in an interactive and holistic way that reflects the real world.
  • Thematic units are powerful tools for building and maintaining students’ interest during learning.
  • It helps the children to make connections with their work
  • It keep children engaged
  • It draws on connections from the real world and life experiences
  • It makes the learning more relevant to the children

Thematic planning is aimed at helping children in contextualising what they learn and applying it in real life situations. It also provides an avenue for integration of content area in a realistic manner that helps children in applying the knowledge they acquire significantly in their daily lives.

Extra-curricular Activities

Evendons Primary school offers a large range of extra-curricular clubs to our pupils. We believe these experiences and opportunies;

  • Add breadth to the curriculum
  • Give oppertunites for children to grow their cultural capital and understanding of the world around them
  • Provide children with access to subjects, sports and activities they might not normally be able to access
  • Provide children with ‘tasters’ which they may enjoy or demonstrate and aptitude for and may pursue beyond school
Subject Areas

Click on the links below to find out more about the different areas of  the curriculum at Evendons.

EYFS Curriculum
STEM (Science, Technology, Enginnering and Maths)
Design and Technology
Modern Foreign Languages
Physical Education
Religious Education
Character Education (PSHE)

by Lucinda Graham – Evendons Curriculum Lead

For futher information please contact the school office and the subject leader or Curriculum leader will repsond.