Foreign Language Vision

It has long been proved that learning another language when you are young can provide you with a range of skills which support you throughout your whole life.

It can aid the development of communication and literacy skills which lay the foundation for future language learning, as well as extending knowledge of how language works and discovering more about our own vocabulary in English. Learning another language raises awareness of the multilingual and multicultural world in which we live and introduces an international dimension to children’s learning, giving them an insight into their own culture and those of others.

With this in mind, we are introducing foreign languages at Evendons right from the beginning. As a whole school, we experience new languages and cultures through song and dance in assemblies and whole-school days, for example when we learned some traditional Hindi dancing and listened to some beautiful singing by one of our parents on Diwali Day.

In Reception, children learn to greet each other in a wide range of languages while doing the register, which then lends itself to discussion about the countries where these languages are spoken, creating cross-curricular links and encouraging investigation, building up our research skills using our Chromebooks.

In Keystage 1 we begin to introduce more vocabulary, still focussing on listening to and speaking foreign languages, with reading and writing being introduced later in Keystage 2. We create links with maths by learning and using numbers in a different language, beginning with French.

Our main language of choice to learn in depth will be French, although it is our aim to provide children with a wide range of language experiences, such as providing extra-curricular clubs in Spanish, as well as exploring the other languages that we have in our school.

We intend to use the children as teachers, inviting them, their families and people from our local community to share not only their language but also elements of different cultures with the whole school, to provide a real sense of purpose for our language learning at Evendons.