English as an Additional Language (EAL)

We maintain an EAL register, which is updated annually. Across the school, there 14 % of children for whom English is classed as an additional language, as defined by the DFE, though the majority would be considered to be fluent in English.
Our annual cohort composition, determines what extra facilities and activities we will incorporate into our classrooms and environments. We aim to provide opportunities for children to share their home language in learning as appropriate and ensure they have opportunity to share their heritage. We work to ensure that children have sufficient opportunities to learn and reach a good standard in English from EYFS through Year 6.
Where a pupil has English as an additional language and in the rare event that they need specialist teaching to develop appropriate fluency, parents will be guided and supported in finding such support outside school, as well as being advised of the support the school can provide. Where needed we will also provide an interpreter to facilitate parent meetings and any opportunity that affords communication regarding a child’s progress.