Travelling to School

We would like our children to walk, scoot or cycle to school wherever possible.

This link provides detailed information on sustainable methods of travelling to school, including detailed maps of local footpaths and alleyways.

Walking Bus
In order to facilitate this for those children that don’t live in the vicinity of the school we offer a Walking Bus which leaves from Reeves Way car park (the car park is at the top of Leslie Sears playing field. Entrance is via Eastheath Avenue). ) every day at 08.20. Children are accompanied across Viking Field, down Tanners Row and along Evendons Lane to school. The children are given high visibility jackets to wear and it is suggested that they wear wellie boots during wet weather.

If you would like to register, volunteer or set-up a new route for the Walking Bus please email either or

Scooters and Bicycles
Children are able to leave their scooters and bikes at school in the cycle racks provided. They are able to use their bikes and scooters at break and lunch times if they wear their helmet.

Park and Stride
There are many park and stride options available please click on this link for more information.

There isn’t any parking in the car park for parents at any time due to lack of spaces. Parking is available in the surrounding streets. We would ask that you park carefully and considerably for the residents of these streets. In order to stagger the effect of parking, parents are allowed to accompany their children into their classrooms from 08.30 onwards. Parents are able to leave their children in the classroom at this time or can stay and read with their children before the school days starts if they wish.