Evendons School Fund

At Evendons we deliver high quality education and pride ourselves to offer a rich and wide-ranging programme of extra-curricular activities to all children, even those who may otherwise not be able to have this opportunity outside the school environment.

Our school budget is rigorously managed by Bellevue Place Educational Trust, which carefully administers expenditure and helps us to find the most cost effective suppliers. However, as a result of increasing costs and reduced funding for all schools, it is becoming increasingly difficult to finance the items we wish to provide the school in order to enrich our children’s learning environment. Such items are outdoor play apparatus, IT equipment, funds for school-held events, displays and play resources.

We have set up a School Fund via Scopay in order to offer a way to parents who wish to offer a donation. Contributions would finance the provision of additional resources and equipment which may not be available through our usual government funding.

How the funds will be spent will be a shared decision between the Headteacher in collaboration with our pupils and the LAB. Donations will not be used to fund staffing or any resources that should normally be funded via the school budget.

This is entirely voluntary, of course. We know that many families are experiencing the devastating impact of the rising cost of living and rocketing fuel bills. However, if you are in a position to make a donation, please log into Scopay (link – www.scopay.com/login) and select the “School Fund Donation” option. You may choose to issue a one-off payment or make any number of donations at any time.

Please be advised there is no pressure on parents to contribute, and regardless of whether you are in a position to donate to the fund or not, we remain ever grateful for your support.

Thank you.