Extracurricular Clubs

All Evendons pupils have the opportunity to join an extracurricular club. We are proud to offer a diverse and engaging extracurricular provision across all year groups.

Drawing on the strength of partnerships with the members of the Wokingham community and our teachers’ passions and experiences, the following activities are available for Summer 2024 are listed below.

For full details see: Extracurricular Clubs Letter – Summer 2024

  • Arts & Crafts Club – YR-2
  • Chess Club – Y3-6
  • Choir Club – All years
  • Computing Club – YR-2
  • Cricket Club – Y3-6
  • Drawing & Painting Club – Y3-6
  • Football Club – Y5-6
  • Girls Football Club – Y3-6
  • Mindfulness Club – Y2-6
  • Nature Explorers Club – Y3-6
  • Netball Y4-6
  • STEM Club – Y3-6
  • Tennis Club – Y3-6

The following are also on offer and are run by external providers:


Queries regarding clubs should be directed to clubs@evendons-primary.co.uk

  • Payments for school-led internal clubs are made via Scopay and paid termly in advance. Ad-hoc bookings are not available;
  • Full payment must be made prior to the beginning of term to ensure your child is able to attend their chosen club and is non-refundable;
  • Refunds for cancelled sessions may only be considered in exceptional circumstances and at the Headteacher’s discretion;
  • Payment is in respect of participation for the full term and is not subject to a reduction in fees should a child subsequently join later in the term or choose not to attend;
  • Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.


Childcare Vouchers / Tax Free Childcare

If you would like to use childcare vouchers to book school-led clubs or any Evendons Explorer sessions, please read the following instructions:

  • If you wish to pay using Childcare Vouchers or TFC you must first register with the school via email childcarevouchers@evendons-primary.co.uk with the following information:
    • Childcare provider name;
    • Child’s name;
    • Name of the parent on the vouchers;
    • Reference number if applicable.

We cannot process Childcare Vouchers or Tax Free Childcare without this information.


  • Once you have notified the school you wish to pay using vouchers you will be added to a user group within Scopay which will allow you to book. 
    • If you book in Scopay before your vouchers have been processed, accounts will show as a minus until we have allocated your payment.
  • The process to allocate vouchers into Scopay is manual and may be subject to delays so please bear with us. Be advised that for tax purposes, Childcare Vouchers / TFC cannot be refunded back to parents under any circumstances.
    • The confirmation screenshot is required and should clarify the Childcare Voucher provider, the amount and the date paid. Please then email this through to childcarevouchers@evendons-primary.co.uk. You can continue to make bookings while this is being processed by the school.
  • Here is a list of Childcare Voucher providers we currently use and our account numbers. If you wish to use a provider not listed please call the school office on 0118 979 1054:
    • Sodexo 910958
    • Care-4 77340383
    • Computershare 0026710887
    • Fideliti EVR054C
    • Edenred P21299779
    • RG Childcare (Reward Gateway) – 70993020760
    • Gemelli EV6174
    • Kiddivouchers no account number
    • Happy People no account number
    • Busy Bee – You will need to provide the following information to Busy Bee:
      • School Name – Evendons Primary School
      • School Address – 161 Finchampstead Road, Wokingham, Berkshire. RG40 3HD
      • Contact Name – Tracey Sansom
      • Contact Number – 0118 9791054
      • OFSTED No. – 140953
      • Email remittance to – finance@bpet.co.uk

Any questions please email childcarevouchers@evendons-primary.co.uk