History Vision

An Evendons historian will be able to use  historical enquiry to understand the history of their local area ,Wokingham and Reading, the UK and the world. They will develop their understanding of  one or more of the following: evidence; interpretations; cause; change; similarity and differences and significance at an age appropriate level through questioning. Their learning will have been advanced by real experiences. Finally, at the end of the sequence children will communicate their findings and present it effectively.

The main themes running through all the Discover curriculum areas are:

  •  Experiential learning
  •  Diversity
  •  Progression of skills 
  •  Communication 
  •  STEM


History Intent

Through our thematic curriculum where children fully immerse themselves in units for a term ,we intend to develop enquiring minds that will, over time, make connections between, judgements about and perhaps gain a respect for the actions, choices and achievements of significant people from history. Our curriculum makes use of primary and secondary sources of evidence and we encourage our pupils to gather information, make further enquiries, analyse their findings and have the courage to ask questions about authenticity, perspective and reliability

Our commitment to learning outside the classroom can be seen through the educational visits across the school, which help to bring the past to life.We recognise the subject’s importance in helping our pupils become Global citizens – as they explore the differences and similarities between events, people, places, cultures and environments through time at a local, national and international level, we want them to recognise the interconnectedness and interdependence of our world’s history.


Overview of History at Evendons


Stacey Read

Evendons History Lead