School Development Plan

Evendons Primary School Development Plan – September 2020 to August 2021

Nurture, Inspire, Flourish 

Learn, Enjoy, Succeed

Evendons Primary School joined Bellevue Place Education Trust (BPET) in February 2020.

The BPET Vision

Every BPET child and staff member enjoys a broad (LEARN) and enriched (ENJOY) learning experience, enabling them to achieve far greater individual success (SUCCEED) than they might previously have thought possible.

The BPET Mission

To grow hubs of like-minded, autonomous schools, well-supported, all of which combine academic rigour with highly enriched opportunities that deliver a personalised approach to education and exceptional outcomes for all.

The BPET Difference

We are leading the way in delivering high quality education through a skills-based curriculum, applying the best of the independent and state sectors to deliver breadth of opportunity and pupil enrichment. We empower all our schools as individual entities that best meet the needs of the communities they serve and have a strong relationship with parents, who are our key partners in delivering the vision.

The BPET Promise

Every child is an individual.  Our role is to nurture pupils’ potential through a personalised approach to learning. BPET children are happy, independent, confident all-rounders.  We encourage a ‘be interested and be interesting’ attitude in children and staff alike.  We don’t just teach; we want our pupils to have a passion to learn. Our focus is on all pupils, regardless of background or academic ability, focusing on pupils with Special Educational Needs as well as those who are more-able.

BPET 3 Year Strategic Plan 2019-22 Strategic Objectives:

  • Delivering a rich and balanced curriculum which develops pupils’ independence and confidence to LEARN
  • Providing an enriched learning experience where pupils ENJOY their learning, in a safe and happy environment – and can SUCCEED at a higher level than anyone might previously have thought possible
  • Expanding BPET, have best value for money across all BPET schools, by attracting and retaining the very best staff

The BPET Board has reiterated its commitment to ensuring that EVERY PUPIL at one of our schools has an entitlement to LEARN in a values-laden environment; to ENJOY learning in safety; and to SUCCEED across a full range of fields.

Our vision is intended to be delivered by the BPET Strategic Plan, which includes:

    • Running autonomous schools with freedom over educational delivery and with support for back office functions. BPET’s aspiration is to maintain schools where academic excellence is just one aspect of an outstanding education
    • Offering a rich extended curriculum, building emotional intelligence in pupils, typically nurtured from children’s interest in ideas and learning
    • Encouraging parents to gain satisfaction from the way their child is nurtured, and happy in a school environment which provides arts, drama, sport and music as well as academic rigour
    • Fostering an inclusive and co-operative environment committed to the expectation that children are safe and happy, expect to succeed, and learn that they can be both interested and interesting
    • Expecting that children, staff and parents enjoy current and lifelong success, founded on the experience of the best in everything
    • The recruitment of the very best staff by providing attractive career development and retention packages, with an entitlement to focused training. The goal is that at least half our future leaders will come from current BPET staff
    • Functioning with high quality leadership and management; strong financial controls, responsible approaches to building stock; and sound risk management, along with future growth

The full spectrum of BPET’s intentions will clearly NOT be achieved by pupils’ learning experience being dominated by a narrow diet of reading, writing and counting! Indeed, it is our intention that the plan of school development makes includes all children experiences, be that “curricular” and “extra-curricular” experiences for the children.

Outline of the Evendons School Development Plan

School Development Plans should detail the full range of the school’s planning intentions, in line with the BPET 3-Year Strategic Plan. The school’s Plan is likely to cover all or most of the list below.

      • Diversity and numbers on roll; recruitment of staff 
      • Continuing professional development
      • Parents and the community
      • The broad and balanced and enriched curriculum
      • Data rich assessment processes
      • Any issues raised by OfSTED or the BPET School Improvement Review Cycle visits
      • Value for money; finance and resources; collaborative commitments
      • Relationship with the Central Team and the BPET Board – its vision, goals and strategies; school local governance
      • The expectation of challenge and support
      • Special Educational needs
      • Teaching styles and strategies; training and development
      • Risks that are prevalent to the school and further mitigation will continue to manage these risks

This list is not intended to be exhaustive, and it is for individual schools to indicate their priorities and the pace of development.