Parent Handbook / Home School Agreement



We regard parents as core partners in shaping and growing Evendons Primary School and will encourage involvement through our parent forum wherever appropriate.

The School Will The Parent/Carer willThe Child will
Observe the Code of conduct Encourage children to follow the
Code of Conduct
Observe the Code of Conduct
Be courteous and polite to everyoneBe courteous and polite to everyone Be courteous and polite to
We invite all parents and
carers to become involved
in the life of our school
Ensure children attend school
and are punctual and inform
the school if children are absent
Value all property and use
equipment responsibly
Be open and welcoming Observe our School Dress Code Observe our school dress
Contact the parents and carers
if there are any concerns
about welfare, attendance,
punctuality or equipment
Discuss concerns or problems that
might affect my children’s work or
Take home the reading
record/homework journal
Produce an Annual Report on
progress and attainment and
provide opportunities for
Observe school’s policies Make sure they are with an adult
if they are in our school grounds
Inform parents and carers
regularly about school
activities and special events
through newsletters and
Support children in opportunities
for home learning
Help keep our school clean
and tidy
Teach a broad and balanced
curriculum fulfilling statutory
Attend parents’ evenings and
discussions about children’s
Make the most of school
Observe the procedures in
place for use of our school
Ensure contact details are up
to date
Read and sign E-Safety & Acceptable
Use of ICT agreement
(in School Diary)
Help keep our school clean and tidyEnsure your child is supervised
at all times when in our school
Help keep our school clean and
Read and counter-sign E-Safety
& Acceptable Use of ICT agreement
Not use mobile technology
(eg phones or tablets) to
take photographs unless
I have the permission of
the headteacher