Transition from Reception to Key Stage 1 is an important time for the children at the school.

The Year 1 and Reception teachers work together to plan the last half term of Reception and the first half term of Year 1, to ensure they build on the sound foundations for learning and development laid down during the children’s first year at the school.

The teachers will focus on ensuring continuity in learning, by planning topics together and introducing Reception children to some of the routines of the Year 1 class.

Early in Year 1, pupils undertake assessments in order to gain a broader picture of their capabilities; this will be added to the EYFS Profile information.

Some topics are linked between the years, so that the children can be encouraged to remember and build on their prior learning.

The school administers Key Stage Two assessments (SATS) in line with the statutory assessment and reporting requirement, as well as Key Stage One assessments and other nationally recognised benchmarking assessments.

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