We are committed to engaging all learners to reach the highest standards.

Able pupils are identified using broad and appropriate criteria, reflecting both achievements in school and outside.

We recognise children as individuals with unique personalities, skills and abilities and we provide teaching which makes learning challenging, engaging and enables children to reach their potential.

We also recognise that within our school there are a number of children whose performance or potential is significantly greater than that of their peers. Therefore, we have the responsibility to meet the needs of these children and our policy outlines in detail the identification procedures and provision made.

The raising of aspiration for all pupils
High expectations of achievement for all pupils
Greater enterprise, self-reliance and independence for all pupils
Early identification of able children
Provide them with an engaging and challenging curriculum so they are positively challenged by the work and situations they meet
Celebrate high achievement
Recognise the range of abilities and talents that pupils at our school have
Develop the abilities of our staff to identify and provide for able children

Challenging and engaging curriculum
Excellent teaching
Right environment – stimulating; conducive to study
We acknowledge we will be asked to account for more able pupils defined by prior attainment
We also acknowledge that our definition of able pupils is based on potential (future accomplishments) as well as prior attainment (past accomplishments)

Patrick Pritchett
Able Pupils coordinator

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