Educational Visits and Visitors to the School

The curriculum will be enhanced, enriched and extended with visitors to school to meet the children and visits to shows, exhibitions and museums. In all cases, visits and visitors are organised by the staff and selected because they are of educational value. Visits to museums and exhibitions provide the children with opportunities to view and handle artefacts and sophisticated displays that would normally be beyond the resources of school. Visitors to school may include puppeteers, shoe-makers, dancers and provide authenticity to an area of learning. In all cases, parents are informed in advance about the visits. In many cases the costs are met by parents (see Charging Policy). Costs may sometimes be met by the school. We aim for all children to make an education visit or receive a visitor every term.

Residential Visits

We would like all children to make a residential visit every year. The length, location and nature of the visit will be age and developmentally appropriate for the year group and follow our vision. The following visits have been organised:

  • Reception: Overnight camping, 1 night, with parents at school
  • Year 1: Overnight camping, 1 night, without parents, at school
  • Year 2: 1 night, overnight in cabins at Ufton Court
  • Year 3: 2 nights, at Mill on the Brue, Somerset
  • Year 4: 3 nights, at The Sustainability Centre
  • Year 5: 4 nights, at Hooke Court, Dorest

Residential visits for our youngest children are more about sleeping in a new place and this provides sufficient adventure. For our 7 and 8 year-olds, visits may have activities that are more
adventurous such as orienteering and climbing.

Visits are therefore progressive and children at Evendons will have an expectation that they will have greater challenges and may accomplish more as they grow older.

Costs for all visits are met by parents. Families with pupils attracting a Pupil Premium Grant should discuss costs with Jane Aust or Patrick Pritchett.


For all visits, safeguarding checks are thorough. Risk assessments are carried out for every part of the visit. For more information contact our Safeguarding Officer Jane Aust or Headteacher Patrick Pritchett.

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