Free schools are all-ability, state-funded schools set up in response to demand.

Free schools in England can be set up by a wide range of proposers, including parents, teachers, charities, businesses, universities and religious or voluntary groups.

Proposers are required to undergo a rigorous application and selection process, overseen by the Department for Education (DfE). The schools are established as Academies, independent of local authorities and have increased control and flexibility, for example, over their curriculum, teachers’ pay and conditions and the length of the school term and days.

Free schools are funded on a comparable basis to other local state schools, receiving an annual revenue budget based on the number of pupils enrolled in the school. They are expected to maintain the same rigorous standards as all state schools and are subject to regular inspections by Ofsted.

Whilst Free schools do not have to teach the National Curriculum or employ qualified teachers, Evendons Primary School does deliver the National Curriculum and only employs qualified teachers.

Evendons Primary School adopts the same term dates as Wokingham Borough Council due to the logistics for parents and teachers with children at different schools.

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